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Working of on grid solar electricity system

  • Electricity generated through solar PV panels can be used for all household and industrial appliances
  • If the power generated through solar PV panels is inadequate, balance electricity is taken from utility grid
  • If the power is generated in excess, it is supplied to utility grid, as such no battery is required
  • Net meter (bi-directional meter) is connected to measure total import / export of electricity

Why is a Sudarshan solar electricity system right for you?

  • Rich and proli􀃶c experience in solar energy technology of about three decades.
  • Strong legacy of world-class quality products and un􀃸inching service commitment.
  • Strong legacy of trust and transparency.
  • Ultimate technical expertise that has taken us to niche position in the solar energy domain.
  • The only company awarded by the Govt. of India, for Highest Sales and Best Service Network.
  • Dedicated customer care unit for lifetime service and support to every customer.
  • The only company promising full value to your investment in solar energy products.
  • Lakhs of extremely happy customers across India.

Advantages of grid tied solar power plant

  • Grab the golden opportunity extended by the government to generate and sell electricity.
  • System cost extremely low, because no battery is required.
  • System without battery is highly efficient and maintenance free.
  • No need to change internal electrical wiring.


We undertake wide array activities under EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) to ensure best output from the system. These activities include :

Engineering Related
  • Site survey
  • Load analysis
  • Shadow analysis through software system
  • Analysis of weather conditions
  • Realistic planning & scheduling of the project
  • Designing of cost effective & efficient system

Procurement Related
  • Procurement of world-class material from globally acclaimed manufacturers.
  • Inward inspection for all the system components to ensure quality and operation.
  • Effective logistics support for safe and timely delivery

Construction Related
  • Unloading & shifting of panels at site with most ideal and safe panel handling technique
  • Quality fabrication for module mounting with sturdy structure
  • Installation of solar modules
  • Electrical installation, both on DC & AC side with suitable casing and capping for safety and appearance
  • Installation of generation meter and net meter

Solar Modules

  • 'A' grade IEC certied panels procured from trustworthy internationally acclaimed brands
  • Excellent efficiency, maximum power output and power stability
  • Stage-wise inspection to avoid micro cracks to the modules
  • Vertical handling of panels to avoid micro-cracks, during handling
  • Up to +3% positive power output guaranteed
  • Salt mist ammonia corrosion resistant
  • Highly durable panels (IEC61701 & IEC 62716 certied)
  • Compatible to sustain extreme weather conditions
  • Hailstorm resistant
  • Degradation resistant IEC
Reliable Quality
  • Manufactured as per stringent quality norms
  • 25 years output warranty
  • Certied under ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015
  • OSHAS 18001:2007 certied

Solar Inverter

  • Highly efficient inverter with multiple input
  • More than 98.3% efficiency
  • Ultra-wide input voltage range to ensure maximum exibility for system installation
  • MPPT design with precise algorithm to ensure maximum exibility for installation
  • Compact and light design : can be easily installed by one person
  • IP65/67 system guarantees protection in all weather conditions
  • WiFi / GPRS interface and power generation monitoring facility
  • Multiple voltage & current protection for safer operation
  • Smooth power operation through built-in expert power management
  • High frequency switching prevents inductance losses


Multi-angle solar panel mounting structure
  • Judicious tting and placement of panels with a choice of multiangle structure to extract maximum solar energy
  • All weather proof due to anti-corrosive zinc coating
  • Very quick to assemble due to efficient and intelligent engineering practices
  • Absolutely zero maintenance
  • Sufficient space provided between the panels to have easy access for periodic maintenance and cleaning
Why correct angle is necessary?

Installation of solar panels is done depending on geographic location mainly because the sun is at different position in the sky and panels need to be placed in accordance to this positioning, especially when the Sun is hitting the panels at ideally perpendicular in order to attract maximum solar energy. This is determined based on the orientation (North / South / East / West) and angle of the panels from the surface.

Solar Monitoring

Sudarshan Saur solar solution comes with remote monitoring system which comprises of monitoring different parameters at inverter level

  • AC parameters (Voltage, current, power etc.)
  • DC parameters
  • Efficiency
  • Performance ratio of solar system etc.

All this data is made available on a central server. Where Sudarshan will also keep an eye on your generation.

Solar monitoring will solve customers objectives like
  • Real time monitoring of the site status and enables user to keep a close control of the site.
  • Better visibility of solar site conditions
  • Improved reporting and analytics
  • Be notied to manage energy consumption and generation levels (Energy generated by PV system on hourly, daily, monthly basis)
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • It provides an option for weather monitoring (Irradiances level, temperature, humidity present at site
  • It provides the ability to enable trouble shooting at central location

In-house Quality Testing

Sun Simulator
  • XJCM Sun Simulator uses xenon lamp technology to simulate exact solar radiation.
  • It is used to test performance of the solar modules at standard test conditions.
  • It measures 10 different electrical parameters like voltage, current, power, efficiency, etc. of solar modules.
  • Sun simulator generates a performance report which assures the rating of the solar module.

Electro-Luminance Tester

    GEL-M solar cell electroluminescence (EL) deciency detector is the special machine that can inspect and research solar cell fabrication process, and is "eyes of the solar cell / module production"

  • Test micro-crack effectively
  • Test broken us-bars
  • Detects low efficiency solar cell area
  • Contamination

Field Tester Analyzer
  • MECO solar module analyzer is a portable analyzer used for testing, maintenance and nding efficiency of various parameters of solar panels.
  • Effectively use for solar radiation measurement
  • It can identify solar power system requirement, best angle of solar panel installation and broken / worn-out cells.
  • Easy measurement rate of daylight penetration

Some of Our Installations

Customer Name District Flat Capacity (kWp)*
Ramkrishna Mission Ashram Varanasi 236
Hotel Vindavan Group Aurangabad 100
Raymond Showroom Dhule 36
Khandvikar Collection Barshi 33
Sushrut Hospital Barshi 30
PLIT College of Management Buldhana 25
Ajanta International Vipassana Samiti Aurangabad 25
Patil Hospital Nandurbar 20
Bajad Hospital Washim 15
Baheti Hospital Washim 15
Raghuvanshi Jewellers Nandurbar 15
Application that can benefit with solar photovoltaic
  • Bunglow
  • Hospital
  • Society
  • Industries
  • Bank
  • Institute
  • Hotels
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Pilgrimage

Hustle Free Service

  • We offer the highest quality of service and support for our customers.
  • We provide assistance at every stage : site surveys, selection of system, installation, usage.
  • We have a reputation of dedicated after-sales service all across the country.
  • Even spare parts can be made available
  • Our technicians are trained enough to offer solutions to all kinds of problems.
  • Quick response from our technicians don't make customers wait longer
  • Repair works can be done effectively within given time